Friday, March 10, 2017

Miami at UMD for NCHC Playoff First Round

Miami Returns to Duluth for Playoffs

For the second time this year Miami make the trip to Duluth for a hockey series. For that matter, this is also the second year in a row the Redhawks have traveled to Duluth for the playoffs.

With UMD looking to have gotten back on track last weekend after a big slip Friday, they are poised to continue a run towards Minneapolis and eventually the NCAAs.

Picks. The regular season has ended and the now the NCHC playoffs are on us.

Colorado College at #1 Denver:  Denver sweep
Miami at #3 Minnesota Duluth:  Bulldogs win in three games (win/loss/win)
Nebraska Omaha at #7 Western Michigan:  Broncos win in three games (win/loss/win)
#20 St. Cloud State at #14 North Dakota:  Fighting Hawks win in three games (loss/win/win)


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