Thursday, February 23, 2017

Miami Redhawks In Town

Last UMD Home Series for the Regular Season

Last weekend's tie to the Colorado College likely sealed the fate for the Julie and Spencer Penrose Memorial Cup.  With the Bulldogs now two points outside first with four games left I would be surprised to see the Bulldogs leap back into first place.  Bulldog fans will be cheering for their team to win out and for the Huskies and Mavericks to beat the pioneers the next two weekends.  The season is not over so there still is a chance.

Miami @ Minnesota Duluth:  The Bulldogs return home for a rare Thursday and Friday series.  All bets are off due to the unusual schedule for NCHC teams and the whole body clock excuse.  The Bulldogs are a better road team them home, but the Redhawks have not been a good road team this year.  Split.

Nebraska Omaha @ North Dakota:  The Fighting Hawks are struggling down the stretch here but they have had the Mavericks number this year.  I think the Mavericks gets some redemption with a split.

Western Michigan @ Colorado College:  Will the Broncos be able to get a couple big wins on the road this weekend?  The Tigers only have one win at home this year and I think the Broncos will take it to the Tigers for a sweep.

St. Could State @ Denver:  The Huskies are Jekyll and Hyde this year, I am not sure what team will show up in Denver.  They are a good team, so I will pick safe with a split.


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