Tuesday, March 15, 2016

UMD Moves Towards Goals; PWR Important

As Bulldogs Look to NCAAs, Frozen Faceoff Looms First

Speculation and numbers are swirling around college hockey world right now. Some teams are definitely in the NCAA Tourney based on PWR numbers and probabilities and some are definitely out. Others still are in limbo with games to be played, and UMD fits that category.

With a guaranteed two games this weekend in the NCHC Frozen Faceoff, the Bulldogs are right on the bubble according to the PWR hanging in at #13. With 16 teams getting in the Tourney, there are the auto-bids that keep moving the cut line up the rankings. #13 is pretty safe place to be, but two losses this weekend will definitely make a slide in that ranking for UMD.

The good news? With the sweep of Miami last weekend, UMD is guaranteed an over 0.500 record, the first criteria for making the NCAAs.

But what will it take to make the NCAAs?

Look no further than here and our PWR friends for scenarios:

  1. From @afiskness here at C3H: I did a little pairwise predictor and I do think it is about 50% the UMD gets in to the NCAAs.  I think they will have to win one game (no tie in 3rd place game) that way they can stay a #13 in the pairwise.  I think this would be different if UMD had one win against BSU this season.  Here are a few other things that UMD fans will want to happen:
    • Michigan win the Bi6 Tournament,
    • Havard or Quinnipiac win ECAC Tournament,
    • UML, BC or Providence win HE Tournament,
      • UML Wins should help UMD the most, and
    • Northeastern Lose at least 1 game.
  1. Work out your own plan at the PWR Predictor and You Be The Committee
  2. Jim Dahl's College Hockey Ranked is a great place to go to see the breakdown of the probabilities and possibilities.

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