Friday, January 8, 2016

UMD Gets Back to Work

Bulldogs Travel to Miami (OH) Balanced at .500

Games in October - December aren't that important said one college hockey analyst. The UMD Bulldogs are looking to see if it can possibly be true.

A run is in order for UMD to make it from #25 in the PWR now to the area of being in the mix for the 16 in the tourney. No better place to start (again) than at Miami...this

Why the interjection of "again" in that last sentence? UMD has been here already...this season...going to Colorado College. At that time UMD reeled off four wins in row before hitting the buzz saw that is North Dakota.

It is time, again.

Picks by @afiskness. After the holiday break the Bulldogs are back to action traveling to Oxford, Ohio to take on the Redhawks.  The first half of the season was very average with the Bulldogs having a 7-7-3 record and definitely not playing up to the preseason expectations.  The bulldogs will need a strong second half to play their way into the NCAA playoffs.


PWR #25 Minnesota Duluth @ #27T Miami:  Neither team is playing great or up to expectations.  The Bulldogs generally play better on the road then at home.  I give the edge to the Bulldogs but until they prove that they can consistently score I will pick a split. 

#57 Colorado College @ #3 St Cloud State:  One this the Huskies have done well this year is to score goals.  I don't see the Tigers hanging with the Huskies this weekend, Huskies sweep.

#18T Denver @ #2 Nebraska Omaha:  The new Baxter Arena has been kind to the Mavericks and I think that will continue.  I am going with the Mavericks home sweep.

#27T Western Michigan vs. #13 Notre Dame (home/home):  The Broncos are bad on the road and play much better at home.  But this weekend I think the Fighting Irish will be able to pull off a sweep.  

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