Thursday, November 6, 2014

UMD Set to Travel to Saint Cloud

Yet Another Ranked Opponent, A Long Time Foe in SCSU

Last weekend, another split with the Friday loss and second night win streak still alive.  On the bright side, the Bulldogs broke their streak of major penalties in a game with Saturday night's 4-3 win.

The splitting has been bemoaned here, but in reality, UMD is facing good opponents.  But if the Bulldogs want to take it up a notch there has to be a better than a split here soon.  And hopefully in NCHC play.

The confines of the cement sarcophagus, AKA the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center, has not been kind to the Bulldogs.  Ever.  This would be a good weekend to do better than a split, but likely they will be trying to maintain their split streak.

The stats for the weekend:

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Picks by @afiskness.  Another weekend passed and the Bulldogs ended up with the same results as the previous weeks.  This week's games against the Huskies won't be any easier than the previous weeks, so a split might be a good outcome.  I would really would like to see the Bulldogs win on Friday, that would be a great place to start.  The goaltending is starting to look solid, more balanced play and the Bulldogs will be a strong playoff team.

Minnesota Duluth @ St Cloud State:  The series against ranked opponents continues for both teams.  The Bulldogs need to find some discipline and take fewer penalties to keep the play even strength.  I don't like the match up for the Bulldogs and think they must get a win Friday night to prevent a sweep. I will go with a Huskies win and tie.

Colorado College @ Miami:  The Tigers are on the road in Oxford, Ohio and it will not be easy for them to pick up points this weekend.  Miami is a good team with a lot of scoring capability that doesn't give up when loosing. Redhawks sweep at home.

Western Michigan @ Denver:  The Pioneers have played well at home this which will make it difficult for the Broncos to pick up any league points.  The Pioneers strong defense will lead to a sweep over the lackluster offense of the Broncos.

Nebraska Omaha @ Ohio State:  This series rekindles the CCHA rivals.  The Mavericks are doing a good job scoring and have gotten good goaltending out of Ryan Massa.  The Buckeyes have been inconsistent but they hope to be a contender in the Bi6 Ten.   Results will be a split.

North Dakota @ Wisconsin:  North Dakota travels to Madison to resume this WCHA rivalry.  The Badgers have only played four games this season and haven't looked very good in those games.  Meanwhile North Dakota is putting up wins with a strong start to the season.  North Dakota win and tie.

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