Sunday, November 3, 2013

UMD Splits Again: Up, Down, Neutral

Bulldogs and Buckeyes Split 3-1 and 2-4

Road splits can be good and this one should probably be categorized as such.  But Ohio State is struggling so much with defense this season should have been a feast for the Bulldog offense.  What is becoming more apparent is UMD can be their worst enemy this season.

So for the Up, Down, and Neutral for the OSU weekend:

Freshman scoring.  Four of the top six point scorers are freshmen with the top two being Alex Iafallo and Kyle Osterberg with six and five points respectively.  As a side note, those two top scorers have no penalty minutes.

Winning faceoffs.  Without puck control winning games will be difficult.  Over the Ohio State weekend UMD won only 53 faceoffs out of 163.  That is just shy of one third of the time UMD has to battle for puck possession off the draw.

Sophomore slump watch.  Cameranesi and Farley have not been held scoreless, but their production is
not what was expected thus far.  Both players have identical 1goal, 2 assists, 3 points.  After the sophomore slump Herbert endured last season, hopes are we are not going down the same road.

UMD is off this weekend before embarking on a trip west on Highway 2 to Grand Forks to take on North Dakota November 15-16.

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