Friday, December 28, 2012

Minnesota Duluth and Maine, 2012-13 Editions

NCAA Tourney Rematch, But not of NCAA Caliber

The teams are the same.  The venue is neutral again.  The caliber of teams are not the same.

The Black Bears are struggling to get wins and UMD is trying to piece together a run to 0.500 win percentage.  This may be the night for UMD to move to even when they face a down Maine team in the Florida College Classic.

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Of Note:
  • UMD has dropped to third most penalty minutes per game in the nation.  Maine is currently fourth.
  • UMD certainly has the numbers for offense against the second to last offense of the Black Bears.  UMD's problem is offensive consistency.
  • The Bulldogs are playing Maine at the right time looking for a win to reach 0.500.
Around the WCHA and Picks by Fiskness.  @afiskness got his picks in early and was surprised like many probably were by first place Saint Cloud in the WCHA losing to last place RPI in the ECAC.  The Huskies lost 4-3 at home with a rematch tonight.

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