Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Thoughts on a Monday

UMD Swept Out of Omaha

What was thought to be a reloading season has quickly moved to a big time rebuilding season for the Bulldogs.  The pair of losses to Omaha displayed the struggles and inconsistencies for UMD.

The now frequently maligned defense was thought to be the stronghold for the young front liners and they are.  Yes, turnovers have lead to goals, some of which were really bad turnovers, but giving up two or three goals per game should not be a killer in college hockey.  In the five UMD losses, they have allowed two goals twice and three goals once.

The main problem coming to light with UMD is the lack of scoring from the upperclassmen.  Mike Seidel was expected to be a leader and he is tops in scoring for the team.  Players that the Bulldogs are waiting to get on track are surprises like Herbert, Flaherty, Hendrickson, and team captain Cody Danberg.

The Bulldogs have dug themselves a hole and they really have nowhere to go but up…or maybe stay at the same level.

Up Next.  North Dakota fresh off a split at Saint Cloud is the next opponent for UMD in Grand Forks.  North Dakota is a team with lots of talent and firepower that has yet to sweep a series this season.  This weekend may be their next best chance.

Run in Saint Cloud.  The Huskies are night and day better than last year.  That is what getting good, experienced players to return will get you.  SCSU is a team that is playing at a high level this year after going 17-17-2 a season ago.  Look for the Huskies to stay in the top half of the league and do well behind the play of upperclassmen Hanowski, LeBlanc, and Dowd.  

Oh and UMD hosts the Huskies after playing in North Dakota.

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