Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Thoughts: Week 2

Numbers Stacking Up in Early Season

UMD has now played two series in the new 2012-13 season.  Both have been against arguably quality non-conference opponents and both have ended in splits.  What is interesting, or alarming, is that the Bulldogs have won the first game of each series and lost the second.

In the wins, the team has looked good for early season play.  They have taken advantage of opportunities that were there.  The losses have been difficult to watch full of missed opportunities and lackluster play.

The question moving into WCHA paly is how to take that first night effort and make it a habit.  Coach Sandelin has proven time and time again that he is capable of turning mediocre teams into believers and getting the most out of players.  It is time to put that fix in and stack up some wins.

Early, but Numbers Add Up.  Most teams can’t see trends yet because the numbers are so limited and the Bulldogs are no different except in the category of penalties.  UMD is good at taking penalties.  They are currently 8th in country for penalty minutes per game, but there are no teams with more penalty kill attempts than UMD at 25.

The good news out of all this is that the Bulldogs have killed 22 of the 25 man disadvantages good for 88% kill rate.  That number is very good considering the huge amount of penalties taken.  It is living on the edge right now taking so many penalties and staying even in the win/loss column at 2-2-0.

Coming Up.  This coming weekend is the start of UMD’s WCHA schedule against Wisconsin at Duluth.  Four other series will be played in conference.

Also coming up this week is the rejuvenation of the College Hockey HighHorse StatPack.  Look for the Bulldogs – Badgers stat comparisons in one place, the StatPack.

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