Monday, January 30, 2012

Bulldogs Move On After Tech

No Time to Waste As Team Sets to Travel Wednesday

It was a tough weekend for UMD fans to stomach. Is this really the team that went on the 17 game unbeaten streak?

That is the thing about streaks, they have to end. And when they end, it is many times with a thud.

We thought the thud may have been the previous weekend when the Bulldogs seemed to outplay Alabama – Huntsville but win two one goal games (2-1 and 4-3). Obviously the UAH series was the precursor to the thud against Michigan Tech. But is it over or is the louder thud coming? No doubt that a slip-up in Anchorage would be the biggest thud. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Many are left asking what happened this past weekend. UMD controls, no, outplays or even dominates the first period on Friday to collapse into a five period coma where they are outscored 9-0.

To be fair, MTU goalie Josh Robinson played well and really tightened up his angles. Additionally the Huskies stopped giving away the puck and played better team hockey. But the Bulldogs have seen many attempts to slow them down and it hasn’t kept them off the board before.

Before…when the team was on the streak. Before this thud.

A new week, a new time to focus on goals on and off the ice. A road trip may just what UMD needs, time to get away and start the final stretch of the regular season.

Game highlights are available from @TechHockeyGuide for both games. Take a look and maybe all the writing I did above is explained without words.

MacNaughton Hunt Over? It has been written at College Hockey News that the WCHA race is pretty much over. They have crowned Minnesota – Twin Cites champs with their five point lead on UMD. Agreed that the Gophers have the upper hand, but what was not mentioned is UMD has two games in hand in the conference.

Let’s wait until after this weekend when the top WCHA teams are again on even footing as far as games played to talk about who is in and out.

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