Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back at It: Alabama - Huntsville Dispatched

UMD Sweeps 2-1; 4-3 to End Non-Conference Schedule and Keep #1 Rankings

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The Bulldogs made it through the weekend against Alabama – Huntsville. Weird to read, eh?

UAH has “feasted” on the WCHA this season gaining their only two wins against Nebraska – Omaha and Denver.

The wins by the Chargers both relied heavily on great goaltending by Clarke Saunders and this past weekend was no exception.

Friday’s 2-1 UMD win was nothing less than frustrating. It proved to be a shooting gallery for the Bulldogs who outshot UAH 54-26, but just couldn’t seem to find the net. Saunders played great, as stated, but did give up some huge rebounds the likes I haven’t seen in college hockey in years. Two rebounds in particular went off Saunders’ pads right up the slot to the RED line. Yeah, where were the Bulldog attackers or even defensemen? Wrong place, wrong time.

Saturday was similar with UMD again just doing enough scoring to best the visitors 4-3.

But that is the bottom line, UMD gained the sweep. They beat the team they were supposed to, but it would have been nice to see a 9-1 score like Minnesota State – Mankato hung on UAH.

On the plus side of the weekend:

  • Jack Connolly kept his point streak going with an assist Friday and two goals and an assist Saturday,
  • Both Bulldog goaltenders got a win (Reiter with 18 saves and Crandall with 14) and
  • The team started another winning streak!
Last Saturday’s game marked the end of the second “period” of the season (the regular season is two-thirds over). Look for the second intermission report card tomorrow here in the College Hockey HighHorse.

Recruits On The Rise.  UMD's recruiting class ahs been all over Twitter this past week with a couple of big names making oral committments.  For the most recent and reliable news on future Bulldogs, take a look at Bruce Ciskie's blog.

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