Sunday, April 24, 2011

Continue Championship Afterglow: Sandelin to Stay

Penn State Goes With Princeton's Gadowsky

Just as I was sitting down to spill all the pent up angst and fear about the impending Penn State coaching announcement, I read my lines of communication. I guess that business does go on during holiday weekends as Penn State announces Guy Gadowsky of Princeton as their first hockey coach.

Phew. That was one place that I was not looking forward to going and it looked like a lock for Sandy to go. The last straw that had me convinced was the AP article I finally sat down and read out of the local paper after the festivities of the day. The article I refer to said Sandelin is Penn States choice. Now it is just like the whole Dallas TV drama for JR, just a dream you wake up from.

No need to get into my head too much, but I had visions of Northern Michigan, Lake Superior State and Bowling Green dancing through my head. Those two programs won their championships and watched their coaches go to the bigger and better programs. They were just leaping pads that have since been sunk and are off the radar.

Not UMD. Just like coach Sandelin told Kevin Pates, I too can “wear my NCAA Champions T-shirt with pride this week.” OK, I would have had mine on with pride any way, but now I will be much more secure about the Bulldog’s future.  So is that to say Sandelin was really thinking about a move?  Don't go there, I guess.

The storm is not over yet, we have just cleared one hurdle. Sandelin still needs a contract extension from UMD. Coach Sandelin and AD Bob Nielson reportedly have a meeting set for tomorrow to work out an extension will lock up the coach for years. All this just before the coaching staff leaves for Naples, Florida for the national coaches’ convention this week.

The newest biggest news of the off season will likely come from the convention as leagues have to quickly decide where they stand with the formation of the Bi6 Ten hockey league. All the straw polls will be put aside as team reps will now meet face to face to discuss what may be the future success, or lack thereof, of college hockey.

We will have more to come in the upcoming days on conference realignment and super leagues.

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