Monday, March 14, 2011

Saint Paul Bound Bulldogs

Is Bi6 Ten Big?

It was a great Bulldog weekend.

A sweep, the first at AMSOIL, against Saint Cloud leaves fans confident that Sandelin has his team ready for a post season run.

More importantly, it is nearly a cinch that UMD has achieved the NCAA Tournament.  See more and check it out for yourself on the PWR Predictor.

The Final Five, going forward, is to hone playoff skills and better the Bulldog seeding for the next tournament. In a few words, the one-loss-ends-your-season days are over.

We look forward to seeing what this UMD team can do seeing the best of the WCHA again, now in Saint Paul.

Bi6 Ten? The only future Bi6 Ten team still alive and playing is Michigan. And the Wolverines are the only of the six that can and will be playing in the NCAA Tournament.

Now when the Bi6 Ten starts, they will have an auto-bid. Now if there were such a tournament to crown a Bi6 Ten Champion, would college hockey pundits be debating the validity of a conference with one team deemed “good enough” by the PWR for the NCAA Tournament? The CHA on steroids? No, but definitely an eye opener for new conference proponents.

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