Saturday, March 19, 2011

Final Five Moves on to Broadmoor Trophy Game

Waiting and reflecting. Items on the Bulldogs fan’s to do list, along with get outside because the snow is retreating.

But the Final Five goes on with out any maroon and gold.

Some thoughts about the tournament so far:

  • Anchorage outplayed and outshot CC. In the end, and where it actually counts, the Tigers scored more goals. 4-2 was the final
  • Friday’s games went as expected. Denver had little trouble with Bemidji who had “67 minutes taken out of our tank” tonight according to coach Tom Serratore after Thursday’s win over UMD. North Dakota did get a lift from getting Danny Kristo back from injury and needed all of it to take down CC 4-3. Kristo scored the first goal of the game, welcome back.
  • With the way things are shaking out, the WCHA could quite conceivably have five teams in the NCAA Tournament: North Dakota, Denver, Nebraska – Omaha, Minnesota – Duluth and Colorado College. That is the way PWR may have it, but the committee may not want that many from one conference. CC is likely the last entrant from the WCHA if five are taken.
  • Total attendance to the new Final Five will be interesting. When the final numbers come out, we will give our opinion about where the Final Five and WCHA are headed.
  • Tonight Denver takes on North Dakota for the Broadmoor Trophy. It might be good for UND to lose one, but maybe they don’t have to. Maybe they can just keep winning all the way back to Saint Paul and the National Championship. That would be 13 wins in a row, and that could prove difficult for any hockey team. So let’s keep it short and say that the Sioux will win their second straight Broadmoor Trophy.


  1. What is the superstition behind the Broadmoor Trophy and why did the Sioux not touch it this year?

  2. I really don't know for sure. Some say it is about unfinished business, there is more work to do kind of thing. They did the same with the MacNaughton Cup this year.

    At least they took team pictures around both trophies. The Gophers didn't hardly look at the MacNaughton Cup and left it at center ice after it was presented the year they went 0-2 in the Final Five and lost to Holy Cross in the first round of the NCAA's. Hockey players are really superstitious.

  3. They didn't touch either trophy this year because they are after one trophy. Just like in the NHL players never touch the conference championship trophys.