Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three is Key

Not much to say today except for the clichés of which we will dispense of. The bottom line is if UMD loses, their season is over. If UND loses, they wait their destination in the NCAA Tournament. So is their more to play for on UMD’s side? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that UND will roll over. It will be a competitive game tonight no matter the winner.

UMD’s record when scoring three or more goals is the key tonight. To win, the Bulldogs must score at least three and rely on their defense to shutdown the Sioux scoring. This is an achievable task, but it will be difficult. We at the HighHorse put the biggest emphasis on UMD scoring at least three.

PWR Predictor. I have run more situations and have found that UMD still needs to win tonight to keep their NCAA hopes alive, but a second win is not necessary. At the same time two losses after Thursday will not do it either. It sounds strange, but the possibility of a tie in the third place game is possible and would more than likely push UMD into the NCAA Tourney.

The next column will come after the game tonight and will hopefully include a preview of a Friday game. Go Dogs!

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