Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sioux Are WCHA Champions

It has been printed here and we still believe it: UMD and SCSU are basically mirror images of each other in team make up and skill. And SCSU tried their best Bulldog impersonation in tonight’s WCHA Championship game by starting off strong, two goals in the first 0:55 of the game, before letting up and allowing North Dakota to pick up steam and score four unanswered goals in route to a 5-3 loss.

Even the Huskies’ fans are very similar to UMD’s. Shortly after the X was as loud as I have ever heard after the two quick goals, the fans even let up and became passive observers of the match that SCSU let get away.

Well, SCSU was outshot in the first 17-7 and also in the second 16-10, so the offense really did take a break. North Dakota’s defense never really did change intensity or play, it was Saint Cloud.

Of Saint Cloud’s performance, the hero of Friday’s game, goalie Mike Lee, was pulled after the fourth Sioux goal. Replacement Dan Dunn, third team All-WCHA, played a respectable game in making 11 saves and allowing no goals. But the damage had already been done and the fate of the Huskies sealed.

At the other end of the ice, Brad Eidsness played like the All-Tournament goalie that he was named. He was aggressive coming out to challenge shooters and take away angles. He had a great defense in front of him, especially after the flurry of the first minute.

Not to take away anything from UND, they also made their run at a UMD impersonation by becoming the second play-in team, and the second in two years, to win the Broadmoor Trophy. The Bulldogs were the other play-in team to win the Broadmoor.

So that is it from the WCHA Final Five as we watch the Fighting Sioux hoist the new hunk of hardware and prepare for the NCAA Tournament.

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