Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Night Set-Up

As we wait for the puck to drop in the last regular season game for the Bulldogs many thoughts are racing through my mind. I will dispense with most of them for now and focus on UMD’s now assured slot in the WCHA playoffs.

As it turns out, the unimaginable happened in Saint Cloud tonight. The Huskies and Mavericks played to a tie, 2-2. That result along with the Maverick win Friday night is what was needed coupled with a UMD sweep for the Bulldogs to move up the WCHA standings instead of down. A UMD sweep would have moved the Bulldogs into 3rd place and looking towards a possible Thursday reprieve in the Final Five, but that is really putting the cart before the horse as the sweep is not possible.

As it stands, and it will not change not matter the outcome of the game starting in less than five minutes, the Bulldogs will finish in 5th. Their draw will be to host Colorado College at the DECC next weekend.

Tonight is a set-up game for next weekend and it may prove to be important. Currently Denver is taking it to Colorado College 6-0 midway through the second period.

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