Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uncertain Returns

With a disappointing loss to the host Vermont Catamounts in the Catamount Cup Finals the UMD Bulldogs keep at least two streaks alive, and neither of them are good.

UMD still has yet to win a game when they score 2 or fewer goals. So on continues the march of trying to solve the schemes other teams are putting up against the high scoring Bulldogs. Additionally, this is the second non-conference TUC team that UMD has lost to making them 0-2 for the season in that obscure category?

What is TUC? It is the first mention of it this season, so a definition is in order. TUC = Teams Under Consideration for the NCAA tournament. TUC is a comparison tool used in the PWR rankings that ultimately choose the 16 team NCAA field. As UMD picks up nice TUC wins against North Dakota, Denver, CC, and UMTC (they move in and out of the TUC) they could have really helped their stats with wins against Northern Michigan and Vermont.

Another opportunity to earn wins against CC are in order this weekend in another series at the DECC.

Trend or Mirage? After I came out and said that we need a number one goalie to emerge and that I thought it would be Hjelle, I was definitely proved wrong. In the Catamount Cup, Reiter proved to be the better of the tandem, and not by a small margin. It will be interesting to see what the performances of last weekend leads the coach to do this pivotal weekend.

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