Friday, January 8, 2010

Keep it Rolling as a Streak is Broken

No preview was written this week as I was battling the traditional winter cold this week, but did not miss the call of this big match of Minnesota – Duluth against Colorado College.

A great effort by the UMD Bulldogs at the DECC snaps the season-long, undefeated road record for Colorado College in a convincing way 5-2. After a stalemate in the first, 1 goal and 10 shots on goal for each team, the Bulldogs started the period that has killed them for most of the season, the second stanza. The Bulldogs may have turned a new leaf in taking the second period 3-0 over the Tigers.

As usual the Big 4 hit the tally sheet with Fontaine 2-0-2, JConnolly 0-2-2, MConnolly 1-2-3, and Bordson with 0-2-2. And as the Bulldogs have become very good at is adding scoring from the other lines with Drew Atkins and Kyle Schmidt tallying goals on the night.

Proving me wrong yet again was Kenny Reiter in the net. Another strong game may have tipped the scales in his favor as the #1 guy. We will wait until tomorrow night to see if a rotation is in play.

Now it is up to the Bulldogs to take care of business and finish the effort and take CC again tomorrow night. First road loss, why not make it two? And in the meantime further solidify the second place standing in the WCHA that UMD claimed tonight.

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