Friday, November 13, 2009

50-19 = 2-3

Minnesota - Duluth outshoots Michigan Tech 50-19, but take the loss to the last place Huskies 3-2.  It was a frustrating night of hockey for a team in which the UMD radio team agree with my thoughts earlier today that losses like this to Tech are routinely looked back on as "stinging" as it was said tonight.  The result is especially hard to take in that it was a game where UMD lead and had the home ice advantage.

Tech notched the only even strength goals of the night and made the Bulldogs pay for turnovers and sloppy play at times.  It was the typical "grind it out" MTU type win.

Scoring for the Bulldogs tonight was JConnolly and Mike Seidel.  Not found on the scoring sheet tonight and pushing a shot wide of a mostly open net with five seconds left is Justin Fontaine.  It has been said that more than the "usual scorers" need to score, but now we need those players and the usual scoreers to pick it up.

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