Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wins and Losses...Who Wins the Cup?

The results from the weekend were, at best, mixed. Each team vying for the Superior Cup ended up winning one game and losing one game. So who won the Cup? If we look at total goals we have MTU, NMU, and Lake State all with 6. UMD had 5 total goals. I can’t think of any way to break this three way tie, so we say split the Cup!

Bulldog results. Again, it is mixed. A good, solid effort Friday came up with a win on the backs of Justin Fontaine and Jack Connolly. Get used to relying on Fontaine and JConnolly, they will be instrumental in scoring. When they are on, UMD will likely win, like Friday. Shut them down, like Saturday’s loss (1 goal), and UMD scoring goes bust.

Missing in action and big losses. Mike Connolly will be a key player for this season, but was unavailable for the weekend after breaking an undisclosed team rule. UMD needs this to be his only flub-up this season and for Mike to come out ready to play against Mankato next weekend. The big loss from Friday’s game is the injury to Travis Oleksuk. It was reported as a likely knee injury and it kept this ever more important part of the offense, and second line center, off the ice on Saturday. More information to come on both Oleksuk and MConnolly.

Around the WCHA 
Saint Cloud State the most overrated?  With the loss of netminder Weslosky leaving a void at goal, the pundits said taht the scoring would more than make up for the loss.  Two loses, an 0 for 10 on powerplay this last weekend, 2 total goals for, and one shutout didn't make the statement that SCSU should be the upper echelon team predicted.

Mankato on a hot streak?  It was just Bowling Green, a team on their last canister of oxygen before they fold it up like a cheap lawnchair.  After just missing the axe last year and having their coach leave with the writing on the wall, it is hardly a statement for MSU.  That being said, they also didn't mess up their opportunities by winning both games.  This does set up a big opening WCHA weekend  for both UMD and MSU at the DECC.

Time to get ready for the WCHA play and Mankato next weekend!


  1. Why didn't Hjelle play on Sunday?

  2. Hjelle did not play Sunday because the coaches are still trying each goalie out giving each a chance. And actually, Sandy said that the best player on the ice Sunday was Reiter. It will be interesting to see who makes the push to be the #1.