Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blais UNO Coach

As announced Friday, June 12, Dean Blais, the same that lead the Flickertails of North Dakota to two National Championships, is the new coach of the University of Nebraska - Omaha hockey squad. Good deal for UNO to get the big name and pedigry. Good luck to Blais to build a power house like in Grand Forks. Here is the real reason that I think taht this is news, Blais' entrance will open the door for UNO to join the WCHA. With a reputable ex-WCHA coach, I believe that this move will ultimately complete the WCHA expansion by givignt he Beavers of BSU their partner to make it a twelve team league. The question that is then left is what will the CCHA do with 11 teams?

I was pulling for NMU, but this seems to be the deal sealer for UNO to enter. What about 14 teams and we bring in Alaska too. Heck, let the WCHA take over the CCHA and make it a 23 team league. It must be late and summer, because that is a stupid idea, but it does beg the question of how the CCHA will counter when the UNO deal I believe is very close to happening, occurs. We can only wait now.

Keep an eye on the HighHorse for next season's Bulldog schedule that should be announced soon. WCHA teams that have already announced their 09-10 schedules are MTU, MSU Purple Cows, and Bucky Badger's squad.

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