Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sioux Logo

Last week I made a trip up to North Dakota for work. It was a lovely drive across most of the state. Being a good tourist I made an effort to check the pulse of the locals. I am sorry to report that I didn't meet any big sports fans or hockey fans. So I did not receive any strong comments regarding the UND nickname.

I did see a news report on local TV about the big increase in sales at the UND gift shop. They said any clothing with the Fighting Sioux name or logo was going fast. There were interviewing people in the store and some had driven hundreds of miles to go buy a sweatshirt.

What I was able to get from this story was people are expecting the name to change and be gone forever, except on the clothing they purchase. Also, the Internet must still be new to some people as they could have just logged on to http://www.dakotatextbookco.com/ and purchased their sweatshirt and had it sent to them. My guess is those people will never read this blog.

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  1. You mean the internet has already made it to computers?