Thursday, April 2, 2009

NCAA Regional: Postmortem

It has taken a while to get this “last” blog for the season out. Yes, it is partly due to the season ending “hangover” (there is that time after the season ends that I cannot remember what I did on weekends prior to UMD hockey) and it also includes that I am on Spring Break from my real job and that I have a broken thumb. (See future article on why a hockey player should not be playing basketball even if it is for charity!) Let’s again not mince words, Saturday’s game was heartbreaking. But why? Look over the stats and standings and we should be thankful for the spot for UMD to be in the tourney, right? It all comes down to if you think that the 08-09 Dogs were an overachieving or underachieving team. I for one look at the players, talent, and numbers accrued and say that we should have received more. UMD, I firmly believe, had the pairings that they wanted in the regional they wanted and yet we want for more. I am left with “that little voice in my head” (Thomas Magnum) asking why such late season heroics were needed to get to where UMD ended. The final word from me on Sandelin for 08-09 will be to guard against a huge let down after the last NCAA appearance in 03-04. It truly was a great season, lest I forget, and assuming that early departures are not reaped, next year should look good too. Look for the season wrap-up and HighHorse (1st ever) awards coming soon!

Who Are These Guys? I don’t rail on referees often and hardly ever in print, but here I go. Those guys were terrible Saturday night. I won’t name them, but it isn’t hard to find who they are and that they came to us from Hockey East. I feel justified taking my stand because I would have felt the same way if UMD had won or lost, honest. Consistency is a word that these two should acquaint themselves with and also what constitutes a check and then what checking from behind looks like. Lastly, when are we going to get rid of the putting obstruction in front of penalties? Isn’t the definition of interference, obstruction? So why obstruction interference?!?!?!

I Can Be Wrong AND Admit It! I was wrong on the Beavers chances in the NCAA Playoffs so far. But I will defend my position that they should not even be there if they were in another conference (see March 26 post). So let’s look at the four who are now frozen. They are dominated by lower seeds, but this is hockey in a one game playoff system, so anything can happen. What’s more interesting that 3 of the 4 teams did not play the weekend before the NCAA Tourney. BSU had their tournament early and Vermont and Miami were knocked out in best of three early round action. Rest = Wins? Maybe this year, but who would ever try that on purpose?

So Who Is Going to Win It? Short and simple…I see BU over Miami.

Time to get off my HighHorse and get out the rake.

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  1. At some point I would like to hear more about the well rested factor. I've never really understood that factor, but you are not the first to mention it.