Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Season Done; Stalock and Oberg Leave

It is all over now and Boston University is king. I can brag about getting the Frozen Four picks correct, but it wasn’t brain surgery. It was a very straight forward set of events played out by teams that for some of the time seemed like they didn’t want to win the championship. Think about it,

  • A BSU player admitted in a USCHO article that they hung their heads and dragged their feet when Miami scored 60 seconds after BSU cut Miami’s lead in half, 2-1.
  • In the BU – Vermont game there were three lead changes in a 5-4 game that ended with two BU goals for the win.
  • BU needed 2 goals in the last minute of regulation against Miami in the championship to send it to OT where they won.

Playing with the lead may be harder than it looks! And I say again, what is the hardest lead to hold in hockey? That’s right, a 2 goal lead!

Stalock Goes Pro. I was just getting ready to post this article only to check a fact about Oberg and found that Stalock too has gone on with eligibility remaining. I can't comment much on this right now except that this news is a HUGE buzz-kill and paired with the Oberg news will leave UMD in a big defensive hole. More to come when I can sort it all out.

Oberg the Cannuck. Well, he is from Canada and now he is the property of the Vancouver squad. Evan Oberg will forgo his last two seasons of eligibility to join the professional ranks. Big loss for the Dogs. Oberg was the second leading blueline scorer this past year and provided UMD with steady play and a big frame out on the ice. He will be sorely missed.

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