Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Key to the Game

There are so many takes and statistics that are being thrown around, but I will keep mine short. The key to the play-in game Thursday night between UMD and UMTC is special teams. UMD brings the 3rd ranked power play in the nation versus the UMTC 4th ranked nationally penalty kill. UMD needs to crack the UMTC defense and score at least on PP goal. If the Dogs do not score a PP goal in a game, they have gone 1-4-1 this season. As a side note, UMD has scored 49 PP goals this year, 31 more than last year. It definitely is a key!

Possibilities. Thanks to those who have tried the Predictor and found all the crazy things that can happen. I have realized it is just to darn early to spend too much time on it. After Friday, though, we can really start cranking numbers. Needless to say that UMD needs to just keep winning!

Thursday Prediction. Why am I doing this? It will only drive me nuts! I will say that if UMD scores a PP goal and/or hold UMTC to less than 3 goals, they win...and I believe they will!


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