Monday, March 2, 2009

Holding On?

Winning games would take most, if not all, of the drama of taking home ice and making the NCAA's for the Bulldogs. Alas, it is not that easy as proven this last weekend. All said, the Bulldogs are still 13 in the PWR, the third highest in the WCHA. This will change...unless they start winning and get help. I think it is a proven fact that the road is not a good place for UMD. If they do not make home ice for the WCHA playoffs, it may be lights out and then watch the NCAA's sail away. What will get them home ice and a good shot at the NCAA's? Stay tuned for Thursday's post where playoff implications will be broken down for the last regular season weekend in the WCHA.

As a side note: What is good goaltending worth? Take a look at video from the Bruins/Capitals game Saturday. Hats off to the editor of the video for their music selection!,144804&feature=player_embedded

Go Dogs!


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