Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cranking the Numbers

Well, here I am again. I cannot keep away from the Predictor now that we know that UMD has trumped UMTC at their “home away from home.” It was quite a game and was enjoyed with the company of good friends and wings. So now that I have cranked the numbers for a good half hour, I find it difficult to find a plausible scenario where UMD is not in the NCAA tourney even if the Dogs lose the next two! That is assuming that conference winner upsets are kept to no more than one. I also find it difficult to get UMTC into the NCAA with the events of tonight. Now keep in mind that anything is possible especially since UMTC is hosting the first round NCAA West Regional and that UMTC AD Joel Maturi is the chair of the selection committee. But as of right now, I urge you all to crank the numbers and see where my plans are flawed.


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