Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Ties Have It

It is official, Michigan Tech has the record for most ties in a WCHA season at 7. Tonight's UMD-MTU game at McInnes Student Ice Arena in Houghton, MI did indeed end in a tie, 2-2. That also gives the Bulldogs 6 ties in WCHA action, so look out Huskies, your record may be taken away by the Dogs! As described by the Duluth play-by-play team, the Dogs were out muscled in the third period where they gave up their lead, but managed the tie even with an excellent scoring chance with :05 left in OT that "just jumped the Bulldog stick." As Coach Sandelin stated "We didn’t play very well in front of (Stalock). I get tired of saying that.” So I was correct in predicting the 3 point weekend, but incorrect about which night was the win.

A big sigh of relief on breaking the Friday road woes! Let's keep it going into Minneapolis next weekend.

So where in UMD now in the PWR? Before the end of the NoDak-Anchorage game, UMD stays at 13, UMTC plummets to 19 on the heels of CC sweeping them, CC jumps up to 16, and Wisconsin drops to 17 after being swept again (a super sweep?) by Denver. That rounds out he PWR rankings of the teams in the middle of the WCHA race.

As the WCHA standings are now with NoDak playing currently at Anchorage, teams 3 through 7 are separated by 5 points. UMD holding 4th, two points behind Wisconsin and one point ahead of Saint Cloud State.

Two weekends left with important games all the way, but extremely important games next weekend in Minneapolis. The Bulldogs must help themselves and keep winning, period.

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  1. The Bulldogs need to play a little better and finish teams off like AC said. The points they didn't get from ties is really showing. I think 6 points is needed in the last 4 games. If they do that I think they will tie for 3rd with Bucky, who wins the tie-breaker and CC will be 5th.

    The Bulldogs are going to need a big final series out of Tech against the Gophers and Denver to play well against SCSU to stay in the top five.