Sunday, February 15, 2009

RPI Feb 15

The WCHA standings are a jumble and everyone win, loss or tie in conference play creates big changes in the rankings. After Fridays night, with the Bulldogs players watching the weekends games the Sports Garden the Bulldogs moved up to 11th. After Saturdays games down to 14th. Why is this?

Well for one on MSU was swept by UND. This took knocked the Mavs out as a team under consideration. This hurt the Bulldogs, as there TUC is not good with the Mavs out. They need to beat some good teams. The only one left on the Bulldogs schedule is UMTC.

The 2nd point is the Gophers beating UAA as the Bulldogs so far this year have not beat them so the COp was lowered. I am guessing that the last weekend series at the DECC against UAA needs to be a 4-point weekend for UMD to be in the upper half of the conference and to make it to the NCAAs.

The next weekend is huge for UMD. They are really going to need a sweep at Tech. They need the points to move up in the standings and they need for the COp against the other WCHA teams. I forsee a 2 or 3 way tie 5th through 7th and wins are going to be needed to break ties.

After seeing the RPIs after this weekend play I am not as confident about the Bulldogs chances. There will be only one way for them to get into the NCAAs and that is by winning. They will not be backing in this year.

These last 3 series are now the playoff. Go Dogs.

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