Saturday, February 28, 2009

Must Win?

"Two teams want to win, when that happens only one team can" (something like that, thanks Denny G.) unless there is a tie of course. Because of the 2-2 tie in last nights game it makes tonights game a must win for both teams. If the Bulldog's win you should see a nice jump in the standings and in the Pairwise. If the Gopher's win, they will be tied in the standings with the Bulldogs and will have the tiebreaker. From what I can see if the Bulldog's lose tonight it will probably mean a "big" drop in the pairwise. I am hoping for some points out of tonights game.

This really is playoff hockey now. A 3-point weekend would be great for UMD. I think UMD does this just to drive me and the other UMD fans crazy.

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